Kalam Tarian Cinta

Basnah Anna Hassan

Beating within me is a heart,
Playing its song alone
In a dark, musty cage.
It sings for my soul,
Pleading to God 
For a companion,
Ever so lonely in its Prison.

When my heart beats fast,
I try to suppress 
The Wave of Emotions
That invade my thoughts,
For I know that it is all 
In Vain;
A useless reaction of hope
To a hopeless emotion
called Love.

Love is my warden.
His prescribed "psychotherapy"
Harasses my heart to hysterical
While my sanity is forced to watch.
My mind cries in my dreams
And sings a song with my heart,
A song that my heart cannot hear.

Still my heart yearns for salvation,
A desire of infinite strength
And in turn infinite weakness,
For any blow to the heart scars,
And many blows are fatal,
And a heart in a cage is rendered
To the sadistic cycle of love.

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