Kalam Tarian Cinta

Basnah Anna Hassan

How well it all comes back to me;
The self imposed captivity,
Why I withdrew, you've got to know,
I could not let my feelings show,
For fear that they’d be misconstrued
As something more than gratitude

The purest motives, I won't lie,
Can end up in disaster. Why? 
Because two lonely people's hearts 
Can easily be torn apart 
Beginning when they drop their guard 
Then, when they fall, they fall so hard

I can’t conceive how people gain 
By causing others so much pain
How anyone can be so cruel 
To break a heart then act so cool 
Is more than I can comprehend 
But they’re the losers in the end 

A runner, I have always been 
And have been since I don’t know when
It’s hard to lay my feelings bare 
My senses keen, now I'm aware 
And keep a constant vigil on 
This heart of mine. Is that so wrong? 

A Runner ©by Naomi Hinshaw-Hersh 
All rights reserved.

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